Nano-bubble molecular hydrogen

RescueH2™ produces alkaline molecular hydrogen in the form of nano bubbles to help regenerate oxi- dized cells, and helps eliminate the harmful free radicals that destroy cells, helping to produce ATP.


 RecueH2 hydrogen is harmless to the human body because it is con- verted into water after it removes harmful active oxygen in our bodies and is discharged outside the body.


RescueH2™ Hydrogen is generated in the body after taking it and can effectively Remove harmful Free radical, Overcoming the limit of sustainability of drinking hydrogen product.


A new type of antioxidant mineral formula that comines selenium, zinc, magnesium and calcium extracted from FDA GRAS-certified food, Atlantic Red Algae (lithuthamnion red algae).

Enhances Antioxidant System

RescueH2™ Hydrogen enhances anti- oxidant mineral such as selenium, zinc, magnesium and calcium to protect cells and maintain optimal Immunity.

Boost Effect

The combination of hydrogen and natural function- al extracts of RescueH2™ with milky thistle, citric acid, phoenix juice, L-glutamine, and L-arginine im- proves bloos cirulation and meets the insufficient energy source to help restore muscle fatigue and improve concentration.

Potent Combination of Molecular Hydrogen + Functional Ingredients
For Natural Energy and Optimal Health

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RescueH2 Infographic

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Free radical damage, also known as oxidative stress,has been linked to more than 90% of chronic health issues.
Reducing free radical damage helps the body recover and maintain optimal health.
Molecular Hydrogen(H2) is the only antioxidant substance that safely eliminates
only the harmful free radicals(hydroxyl radicals) inside cells.

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